Cat’s out of the bag…

For the past 4 years, Jake and I have talked ourselves out of doing the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s really easy to do actually – think about your job, your house, your bills, packing up everything you own into storage, finding care for pets, your finances, no paycheck. You know, little stuff.

The Dreaded Talk

This past month, both Jake and I accomplished the biggest obstacle (thus far) with committing to do the Pacific Crest Trail. We both met with our bosses and discussed the what we’ll be doing for 5 1/2 months. I’ve prayed and prayed in preparation for this meeting in hopes that our bosses would be somewhat understanding. Choosing to walk 2,650 miles is hard for people to wrap their heads around, I get that. It’s even harder to commit to a long leave of absence when we both love our jobs. Quitting our jobs has been the number one reason we talked ourselves out of doing the trail all these years.


Have you ever felt so heavy because you’re keeping a secret from someone you care about and you just have to tell them, but you keep putting it off? Yeah, never a good feeling. But as the saying goes, you gotta rip off the band-aid.

Ultimately, this is our decision to hike the PCT and I don’t want our decision to affect anyone else – my boss, my co-workers, my clients, our friends. This isn’t a “thanks for the ride, see ya!” kind of exit – no. I love my job dearly and have high respect and strong relationships with everyone I work with. Ideally, I would love to come back to work after the trail, but realistically, I know I’m replaceable. So whether or not a “leave of absence” will happen, it doesn’t matter. My job is important to me, so I will come back and jump through any hoops I have to. And who knows what the future holds.. we might end up somewhere completely different. And that’s ok too!

The Meeting

How did it go? Both Jake and I had positive meetings filled with support, understanding and hope for the future. And for that, I am truly grateful. The band-aid is officially off.

I am so thankful for all the support we both have received this past month. I can’t wait to tell our kids someday about the PCT and the incredible journey Mom and Dad got to experience all because we chased after our dreams. ❈

Here we go!


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