PCT 5/16/17 – Day 13

Today was Casey’s last day on the trail. He walked 209.5 miles of the PCT! We are so thankful Casey could join us for the first stretch. Walking 20+ mile days bonds you together pretty quickly! Thanks for the many laughs, lengthy minimalist lectures, water reporting, whistle/karaoke challenges, free food/water (your welcome for lightening your pack) and for being the best brother-in-law ever! We miss you already Water Boy! 

209.5/2,650 miles

The long way back down to the desert floor.
We were on the top of that mountain yesterday!
Trail magic! “Coppertone” did the PCT in 2006 and is now a traveling trail angel for other thru hikers. He’s made this his ministry to share the gospel and make root beer floats for hikers. Thank you Coppertone for the hospitality!
Walking under Interstate 10 (mile 209.5)- the end of the trek for Casey!!

Hanging out in Palm Springs with Casey for the night. What a treat to be able to buy a 5-day resupply at Trader Joe’s. So happy!

One Reply to “PCT 5/16/17 – Day 13”

  1. Christina & Jake,
    You’re getting closer to our backyard in Leona Valley. Do you have an estimate of what day you’ll be passing through? We still would love to host you. I may have to go out of town for a night but can work around that schedule if we know when you might be passing through. Thanks. Michael


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