PCT 5/19/17 – Day 16

277.4/2,650 miles

It’s already a great morning!

I met another “Blossom” and she’s pretty awesome!

2 Replies to “PCT 5/19/17 – Day 16”

  1. You found another Blossom! That’s insane! How did she get her name?
    How is the new two person pad treating you guys?
    I miss hiking with you both, it was an awesome trip. But I am happy you guys can continue on your own too as I’m sure you both will learn more about each other and become even closer as you spend almost every second together.
    Keep up the good work guys!


    1. Yeah! She’s a pretty awesome Blossom too. We LOVE the new pad. Sleeping like a rock! Everyone has been asking about Waterboy. And we’re confusing people because we were a group of 3 and now we’re only 2 haha

      We are so thankful you could hike the trail with us! We miss you a lot.

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