PCT 5/22/17 – Day 19 (ZERO)


Today we spent a much needed zero day with friends and family in Rancho Cucamonga! We did laundry with an actual laundry machine, resupplied at Trader Joe’s (again), and ate our body weight in fruit and veggies.

The highlight of my day (even more thana hot shower or In and Out Burger) was an unexpected care package. It was a package filled with love from my amazing co-workers back in Wyoming! Reading their letters of encouragement sent me into a total laugh/crying episode. I was so overjoyed to hear from my friends, co-workers and clients but was also an emotional wreck missing them like crazy!! Thank you Team Wellness for always having my back, even miles away! I’m floored. Just.. wow.

Lastly, BIG, HUGE thank you to my Mom and Dad for road tripping down and Lora for opening up her home and fridge! I love that you’re a part of our journey. You are such a blessing and we love you all so very much!

Ready to hit the trail tomorrow with clean hair, a full belly, and a thankful heart ❤️ 

Thank you Lora for letting us stay with you! We love you so much!!!
Missing Team Wellness hard today!! Hearing from all of them energized me from head to toe. Love you all!!!
This is me losing it. I feel so loved and blessed to work with amazing people. I miss work! Who can say that!?
Lord have mercy.
Taco night!

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