PCT 5/27/17 – Day 24

430.4/2,650 miles

400+ miles into our trek and we’re still blister-free!!

Our Preventative Steps to Staying Blister Free: 

1. Plan small breaks throughout your hike to take off your shoes and air out your feet. Better yet, stop at a stream or creek and soak them if you can .

2. If you feel a hot spot, STOP! Don’t wait. Tape up the hot spot with first aid, paper or duct tape to prevent further friction. 

3. Rotate between 2-3 pairs of socks. We usually switch socks 1-2x a day. If we’re near water, we’ll wash our dirty socks and tie them to our packs to dry. 

Beware of poodle dog bush! Google it.
The pine cones are ginormous!
Enjoying dinner with “Z-man” and “Crumbs!”

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