PCT 6/10-11/17 – Day 38 & 39

702/2,650 miles – Welcome to Kennedy Meadows!

Our list of chores before heading into the Sierras:

Pick up our packages

Organize food for next 11 days

Fix trekking pole

Find and patch hole in sleeping pad

Ship holy socks and shirt home 


Charge iPod, phone & camera bat tent zippers 

Bucket laundry 


Waking up to a beautiful sunrise. Ready for a moonlit walk into Kennedy Meadows!

Kennedy Meadows was crowded with hikers. Lots of hype and confusion building around whether or not to go into the Sierras. Interesting vibe.
Our AMAZING package came! Thank you Angela for beautifying our box. We got lots of laughs and compliments. Best resupply EVER!
Bucket laundry day.
Pancakes that fall off your plate. $10.00 for eggs, your choice of meat, potatoes and bottomless pancakes the size of your face.

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