PCT 7/31/17 – Day 89

1,680.7/2,650 miles

4AM walking past the Seiad Store. Big climb ahead of us! Thank goodness for headlamps.. there were bushes and bushes of poison oak!
Genius. A little leaf makes all the difference.
It may be 100 degrees out, but the creeks and springs are always ice cold!
Sewing up a big hole on the backside of my pants.

2 Replies to “PCT 7/31/17 – Day 89”

  1. Christina and Jake, I’m so proud of you both and enjoy getting your updates as often as you can post them! We are cheering you on although you can’t hear us, we are there in spirit because of your posts. So glad to hear you’re feeling well and back to normal. I just read an article about how dangerous it was crossing the Sierra’s mainly because of the snow run off and the raging rivers and streams. Apparently, a couple of solo hikes didn’t make it which is such a sad account. However, you guys are on your way and make a great team! Keep it going.

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    1. Thank you Michael!!
      It was tragic to hear the reports of those hikers. People make all the difference and I’m a firm believer that there’s strength in numbers. I’m so glad we had a group to hike with! It was intense in the Sierras at times. Like, heart racing intense. I can’t imagine hiking through solo. Thinking of them and their families..


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