PCT 8/2-3/17 – Day 91 & 92

1,716.2/2,650 miles – Welcome to Ashland, OR!!! 

Jake’s Mom is here!! Barb is here for a zero in Ashland and will also be meeting us along the trail the next 4 days to Crater Lake. Which means we can *slackpack a good chunk of miles! 

*Slackpacking: backpacking without a backpack or dropping off the bulk of your backpack while someone else transports your gear using a vehicle.

Ashland here we come!! 1 mile road walk to Calahan’s!
Organizing food in the shade. It was a scorcher!
27 days and 625 miles before retirement.
So. Much. Food. The bed was covered in piles and piles of food. Should be good through Oregon and the first part of Washington!
I have a new shirt!!! No more hiking in rags.
What a perfect day to zero. Happy to have had air conditioning!
We loved Ashland! Such a cool town.

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