PCT 8/18/17 – Day 107

2,094.3/2,650 miles – Welcome to Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood! 

We are headed off trail tomorrow morning to be with family for 2 days. We are excited to see everyone and take time to rest before crossing into Washington!

At this time, we also ask for prayer. My Grandpa has been diagnosed with bone cancer and isn’t doing well. This is not his first battle with cancer which makes his next desicion a tough one. My Grandpa is a very important man in my life. I’m just so thankful we are close to home so we can be with him. 

I also know he’s probably reading this little blurb now, so get ready Pops – you got a couple big hugs coming your way!! We love you so much.

Jake and I took a little side trip off the PCT to Little Crater Lake! Unbelievable. It was so clear you could see 48 ft to the bottom. You felt like you were upside down looking at the trees reflecting so perfectly.

We’ve snowshoed through this area lots of times! Feels good to be closer to home.
See ya later Jefferson!
We had some time in the afternoon after our hike to wander inside the Lodge. There was a wedding going on so everyone was all dressed up. The looks we got were priceless.

3 Replies to “PCT 8/18/17 – Day 107”

  1. Oh man! I missed you guys by a couple of hours at Timberline Lodge! A buddy and I went to Madras OR to watch the eclipse, and we day hiked on the PCT right behind the lodge on the 18th. We left probably about 2:00 pm to get back to Madras. I only saw a couple Thrus there, but none that I knew.

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  2. Still loving all your photos. Never heard of Little Crater Lake but will lol it up. Prayers to your grandfather, I’m sure he’ll love your big hugs! Enjoy your zero days!


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