PCT 8/30/17 – Day 119

On the road again! We walked our longest day today – 36.4 miles! Jake and I are staying “true to the thru” all the way to Canada!

Crazy to think this mountain was so close yesterday. The smoke was so thick!! So happy we got a view of this beast.
Signs keep things interesting. It’s also fun to play chicken.
Jake is pumped for some Elk sightings.
So surprised when Derek, a man we only met yesterday, went out of his way to buy us breakfast. We were so excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you Derek!! You are so kind.
A little afternoon bushwhacking… so many spiders!
Amazing what a quick rinse in a river can do.
Walking on an abandoned forest service road. Nice to be off the pavement for a little while.

Steepest trail ever!

One Reply to “PCT 8/30/17 – Day 119”

  1. I made the blog! Lol. You guys crushed that day… I barely made it to Greenwater, then promptly lost my phone and had to deal with that. The fire closure wasn’t a big enough obstacle, ya know?

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