PCT 9/5/17 – Day 125

On our way down the ski slopes of Steven’s Pass, I called my Mom to clarify a good meeting place for today. Sobbing, my Mom gave me the news right away before anything else could be said.  “Honey, Grandpa passed away Sunday morning.” 

My Mom wasn’t the only person headed to meet us. My Dad, Sister, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and my Cousin were also an hour away! As excited as I was to see everyone, there was a desision needing to be made. Get off trail now to be able to attend Grandpa’s funeral on Saturday or push on to Stehekin and hope to get back in time. There is no question. Family is always the answer. 

Jake and I have had our fair share of obstacles on this trail and we’ve powered through every single one of them. Our story isn’t over. Jake and I will be back on trail this weekend to complete our last section to the Canadian border. Right now, we’re back at home for 4 days to help with the funeral and love on our family! 

I love you Grandpa. 

Another super smokey day!

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