PCT 9/16/17 – Day 136 

WE MADE IT!!!!!! May 4th – Sept 16th | 136 days, 2,650 miles, record snow, record heat, multiple fire closures, 5 road walks (+65 additional miles); after months of hiking we made it from Mexico to Canada!! Hands down the greatest blessing throughout this entire journey was getting to share every moment with my husband.  What a wild ride!

Todays the big day!
A 30 mile hike to Canada… what a beautiful finish line.
Literally 0.1 miles from the Northern Terminus!
I feel everything in this moment.
Time for our victory lap. 9 miles to Manning Park!
Right when we crossed into Canada, the trail changed. Bear boxes, unmaintained trail, and this crazy awesome bridge!

5 Replies to “PCT 9/16/17 – Day 136 ”

  1. I feel like I have come to the end of a great book – inspired but not ready to have it end. Thank you so much for sharing your honest and vivid portrayal of such a huge personal challenge. Congratulations to you and Jake on your wonderful accomplishment.

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  2. Congratulations guys. It was great to meet you on the trail, we were one of the day hikers you met along the way (Echo Lake section of PCT in Lake Tahoe region). I have been following your journey every step of the way. Thank you for sharing your awesome experience in such a vivid detail. You guys are inspiring. Thank you again for making so many of us part of your journey.

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  3. What an awesome accomplishment for you two adventure seekers! Loved reading all your updates along the way and quite frankly, not sure what I am going to do not having any more updates! You’ll have stories to tell and share with each other, family and friends for ever. And, so happy we shared a day with you way back almost at the start! Congratulations!


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