Things I Learned Hiking 2,650 Miles.. 

Things I learned hiking from Mexico to Canada…

Set your goals daily.

You can’t think about getting to Canada every day. Take each day head on, in the moment, always setting a reachable goal.

Mind over matter.

You can tolerate more than you think. Above all the filth, swollen feet, peanut butter tortillas again for lunch, my Grandpa getting sick, 450 miles of snow, fording and swimming across raging rivers; I never once thought about throwing in the towel. Mind over matter requires putting your trust in God. You’ll be amazed at what you’re truly capable of.

Be kind.

All the little acts of kindness – hitch hikes, trail magic, friends we made along the way – every act of kindness we experienced has left an outstanding impact on my life. My heart is flooded with gratitude.Don’t take simple things for granted.

Water, toilets, showers, fresh produce, q-tips, comfy beds. I quickly learned to appreciate living with what I could carry on my back.

Find your person.

The greatest blessing on the PCT was getting to share every moment with Jake. Some days I couldn’t believe how far I hiked or how badly my feet hurt. Jake is my encourager, my strength when I’m feeling overwhelmed, my best friend. I wouldn’t have made it without him.

Attitude can make or break you.

“Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.” This has become my anthem.

Keep moving.

I was so inspired by all the hikers we met who were in their 70’s. My goal in life is to be in great shape, feel confident and at 70 years old be able to say, “yeah I’m going to do a thru hike.”

 Let go.

Taking a break from planners and calendars allowed me to live fully in the moment for once. What day of the week is it? Is there wifi? Who cares?

God goes with you.

Originally, I went into this thinking God would be glorified by my hiking. But then I realized he could care less about me completing the Pacific Crest Trail! It sounds harsh, but God has taught me more than anything to have a thankful heart in challenges, victory, joy and hardship. He took little ‘ol me on a hike of a lifetime and taught me how to fully trust Him.

2 Replies to “Things I Learned Hiking 2,650 Miles.. ”

  1. Truly beautiful and meaningful ever word. Thank you for sharing your journey with us everyday folks who again through attitude can choose to to be inspired or just admire.


    Liked by 1 person

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