Final Stats From Our 2,650 Mile Journey on the Pacific Crest Trail!

Final Pacific Crest Trail Stats

Total Days on Trail: 136 (May 4-September 16, 2017)

Trail Names: “Blossom” & “Jake Rabbit”

Total Mileage: 2,650 miles + 65 additional miles road walking around fire closures

Average Daily Mileage: 19.9 miles (including zero days)

Longest Distance Hiked: 36.5 miles

Sections Skipped: NONE!

Most Elevation Gained in a Day: 9,632 ft

Favorite Section Hiked: Glacier Peak Wilderness – Steven’s Pass to Stehekin, WA

Toughest Section Hiked: Tuolomne Meadows to Sonora Pass, CA

Our Budget (for two people)$10,000

Total Cost (for two people): one-way flights to San Diego ($206) + hotels/paid camping ($1,385) + groceries ($2,410) + gear ($1,824) + restaurants/coffee shops ($1,920) + shipping costs ($138) + transportation ($110) phone bill ($414) + health insurance ($384) + storage unit ($475)= $9,266

Zero Days: 14

Mt. Laguna (Blue Jay Lodge), Rancho Cucamonga (family friend), Mojave (Motel 6), Kennedy Meadows (camping), Mammoth Lakes (Motel 6), Lake Tahoe (one night camping, one night hotel), Chester (Best Western), Ashland (Comfort Inn), and 5 days spent at home for due to family emergency.

“Nero” Days (under 10 miles): 10

Total Resupplies: 27

(Warner Springs, Idyllwild, Palm Springs, Rancho Cucamonga, Wrightwood, Agua Dulce, Mojave, Kennedy Meadows, Vermilion Valley Resort, Mammoth Lakes, Sonora Pass, South Lake Tahoe, Sierra City, Chester, Burney Falls, Shasta, Seiad Valley, Ashland, Crater Lake, Fish Lake, Big Lake Youth Camp, Timberline, Cascade Locks, White Pass, Snoqualmie Pass, Stevens Pass, Stehekin)

Resupplies Sent Beforehand: 2 (Warner Springs & Kennedy Meadows)

Total Showers: 31 (yikes)

Longest Stretch w/o a Shower: 12 days

Loads of Laundry: 16

Pairs of Shoes: 5 each

Total Hitch Hikes: 15 (not counting rides from family or paid transportation)

Blisters: 1 (Jake)

Any Illnesses or Injury? 6-day stomach virus, swollen feet (Christina); bruised foot from kicking steps in the snow, minor trench foot (Jake).

Hospital Visits: none

Bee Stings: 1 (Jake)

Bear Sightings: 4 (all black bears)

Fire Closures:(Idyllwild/Mountain Fire, Crater Lake, Mt. Jefferson, Norse Peak)

Off Trail Excursions: Mt. Jacinto, Mt. Baden-Powell, Mt. Whitney, Little Crater Lake

Best Burger: Mediterranean Burger with potato salad (Christina) & the José Burger with fries and a brownie sundae (Jake) at Paradise Cafe outside Idyllwild, CA.

Best Huckleberries: Mt. Adams, WA

Favorite Trail Meal: Parmesan couscous with dehydrated sweet potato bark, dehydrated mixed veggies and olive oil.

Favorite Town: Idyllwild, CA

Favorite Zero Day: Mojave, CA 

Days of Snow: 2 actual snowfalls (Mt. Laguna and Kennedy Meadows) and 450 miles hiking in the snow.

Days of Rain: 2

Highest Temperature: 105 degrees

Lowest Temperature: 30 degrees

Favorite Piece of Gear: Z-packs wind jacket (Christina); Mountain Hardwear wind jacket (Jake). We wore our wind jackets at least once a day.

Any gear sent home? Yes, we sent home our Therm-a-Rest sleeping pads, our rain/pack covers, 1 ripped shirt, our warm socks + lots of other ripped socks, micro spikes, bear canisters and ice axes (only carried during Sierra section).

Gear Malfunctions: 4 broken trekking poles, 1 broken cell phone, 3 broken backpack zippers (Osprey replaced pack for free!), 1 sleeping pad leak and unraveled baffling (pad replaced), broken tent zippers (thanks Mama Rose for letting us borrow your tent!), 1 lost ice axe, 1 lost pair of sunglasses, 1 lost 1L platypus, 2 ripped shirts, 2 pairs of ripped gaiters, and critters chewed holes in 2 separate platypus water bladders/valves.

23 Replies to “Final Stats From Our 2,650 Mile Journey on the Pacific Crest Trail!”

  1. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful write-ups and photos throughout your journey, Blossom. You 2 really have something to be proud of, doing a straight thru-hike in an epic snow and fire closure year! Regret not meeting you both at Echo Lake when I was angeling there but I did photobomb your parents in the shot you took departing northbound that morning.

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