About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m Christina ♡  Get to know me and what I’m passionate about sharing with all of you. 


1. I’ve been running competitively since 2005. I started small, racing 5K distances and within the last 2 years, I’ve been competing in ultra trail races. Throughout the year, running is a major focus in my life. I run for my health and to balance my work life; but what I love most about running, is the energy it gives me to push toward big goals! I train for trail races year round with my husband and look forward to traveling and competing on new, exciting terrain. 

(Bighorn Mountains, WY)

2. I spent my childhood growing up in the Pacific Northwest in Washington state. After high school, I moved to Montana for college and attended Montana State University in Bozeman. After graduating college, my awesome boyfriend (now awesome husband) got an engineering job right away and we moved to Wyoming after we got married in 2014. Five years later, we’re still rockin’ the small town life here in Wyoming and love the quiet mountains that come along with it.

3. Back in 2017, my husband and I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail . That’s 2,650+ miles walking from Mexico to Canada. I’ll stop there. You can read my daily journals, information on base weight and total statistics HERE!


4. This is Jake, my best friend and partner for life. 

Nothing beets growing your own vegetables ♡ #vegetablepun

5. When I’m not running, hiking or playing in the mountains, I work – like most people. I spent the first part of my career in Washington teaching health and physical education. Once I moved out to Wyoming, I took my health education degree to a whole different level working at our local hospital facilitating corporate wellness programs in our community. I’m passionate about helping people reach their optimal physical and mental well-being. 

That being said, as a health educator, I’m also a nerd for nutrition and fueling your body. What you eat will either feed disease or fight it. 

6. I write, make and create. Thru Designs was inspired after my thru hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. I wanted to make things that represented all the fun to be had outdoors. My designs support those who enjoy being wild and getting out there in nature! we==

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Welcome to my Blog    ♡   Christina “Blossom” Rose