PCT 9/13/17 – Day 133

2,569.4/2,650 miles - Welcome to Stehekin!

PCT 9/12/17 – Day 132

2,549.9/2,650 miles - 100 miles to go!!

PCT 9/11/17 – Day 131

2,520.6/2,650 miles 

PCT 9/10/17 – Day 130

2,492.1/2,650 miles

PCT 9/9/17 – Day 129

2,464.9/2,650 miles Today was Grandpa's Memorial Service. We laughed and cried, reunited with old friends and celebrated an amazing man! It was a beautiful day!! I'm so thankful Jake and I could be there. 

PCT 9/6-8/2017 – Day 126-128

Not too many pictures were taken during our 3 days off trail - I apologize! Most of our time home was spent helping with Grandpa's funeral service and living on family.  This is will also be my last blog before we finish in Canada (no cell service from Stevens Pass to the border). We are [...]

PCT 9/5/17 – Day 125

On our way down the ski slopes of Steven's Pass, I called my Mom to clarify a good meeting place for today. Sobbing, my Mom gave me the news right away before anything else could be said.  "Honey, Grandpa passed away Sunday morning."  My Mom wasn't the only person headed to meet us. My Dad, [...]