Taper [tey-per]; the reduction of exercise before a competition or race.

Tapering is reducing the volume of weekly training mileage during the final two to four weeks leading up to a marathon - which to runners, feels like a lifetime.  What happens when you taper? Tapering allows glycogen stores to return to peak levels in both the muscles and the liver. Metabolic enzymes, antioxidants, and various hormones, [...]


It’s Happening!

Last night we received our permits with our desired start date: May 4, 2017. With February 13th being the final day to submit permit applications, we were surprised to get an email with permits so quickly! We also purchased our one-way tickets to San Diego. It's getting more and more real... May is going to [...]

2017 Honey Stinger & Nuun Ambassador

Very humbled and excited to be a 2nd year Ambassador for both Honey Stinger and Nuun!! I use both Honey Stinger and Nuun energy to fuel my marathons and the endless adventuring I do outdoors. I'm also very excited to bring clean fuel with me on the Pacific Crest Trail this year. I believe in clean products, a clean [...]

How to Train for a Marathon in the Middle of Winter… in Wyoming ❄

❄ In 2 weeks, I start my training for the Boston Marathon. My plan is 22-weeks long and falls right in the middle of winter... Wyoming winter. Sometimes its hard to stay motivated and inspired during the winter months due to unpredictable weather, lack of variety with running routes, working out indoors, or simply just being cold all the [...]

Boston Bound.

Running is more than a sport or exercise or "escape" to me. Running has taught me so much about myself and what I'm truly capable of. Running gives me freedom - to explore, to push past my comfort zone - to willfully take chances without the fear of failure. Boston is a buzzword in the running community. Like many other dedicated runners, [...]